• This is the 15th and final year for this wacky, out of the ordinary event.
  • This event raises much needed funds to support the programs of Literacy Alliance
  • We have programs serving people from 0 to 100
  • Aflac is our Corporate Sponsor and has been with us from the beginning
  • Teams of 4 are made up of Friends, Bible study groups, co-workers, educators, hospitals and social groups have all participated.
  • One of the 4 is the team runner. The runners range from 6 to 80
  • Teams choose a fun name and dress accordingly
  • Play the entire game - there are no eliminations
  • No scores are made public other than the top 3 teams in 2 categories



  • Shiny plastic trophies for each team member for the top 6 teams
  • Wacky gifts for the “Best Dressed Team”
  • Something fun for the “Best Decorated Table”
  • Trophies for the “Best Dressed Judges”
  • Another odd gift for the highly coveted “Most Entertaining Runner”


When and How

  • The evening of Tuesday February 25th at the Cunningham Center at CSU
  • Community Teams are $200 unless they register by February 1 they it is $160.00
  • Mainstage teams are $1200
  • Buy tickets and register on our website: 
  • Email
  • Or call  706-641-5629